The Genesis is found by the same guy who found Malaysia and Indonesia are neighbors and brothers, so it is only right that we share good things together! is established by Kuching-born Ngu Soon Hui (an avid Kindle fan) to provide Malaysia Kindle Fans with a painless way to buy kindle, the ebook reader from Amazon back in year 2011. Team Kindle Malaysia is formed under Quantum Gadgets Sdn Bhd registered with SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) No: 1105767-K. For the reason known only to the Amazon, Kindle doesn’t ship to Malaysia, or to Singapore, or to other south east Asia regions. As such, to get the device one would have to go to elaborate ways to obtain the device.

After a few years in business, we find that we should offer Indonesians ( and westerners who live in Indonesia) a chance to get their hands on the latest Amazon gadgets, and hence is born. Like, prides itself in offering painless ways for Indonesians to buy kindles, and not just buying the kindle devices only, but also obtain all the help necessary to buy ebooks from Amazon.

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