We posted on kindleindonesia.com a guide on how an Indonesian, or non-US citizens in Indonesia can  buy kindle ebooks, music, apps and instant videos from Amazon.

To be sure, some of our guidelines & complementary services are still valid for  you to download FREE e-Books, Magazines, Music, etc from Kindle Store into your Kindle eReader. But we understand that the users are not satisfied with free stuffs only; they want to be able to buy kindle ebooks just like any other American citizens.  So we are dedicated to  helping kindle fans enjoying the first class facility offered by Amazon, we actually spent many months into testing and refining a service. Thank God that finally we hit on a solution.

Yes, you can buy paid kindle books from Amazon, even though you have no presence in US. We will show you how below.

The key thing, it turns out, is to have an Amazon account with a valid US credit card with US billing address. If you already have a valid US credit card, then you can just proceed to create your Amazon account. Else, read on.

For non-US customers, you will need two things:

  1.  a valid Amazon account
  2.  an eBook Gift Card.

How to obtain a valid Amazon Account

As a part of our free service to our customer, we will setup a valid Amazon account that you can use to download free kindle ebooks by registering a valid US credit/debit card along with proper billing address to your Amazon account. Take note that this is a valid US debit card, with zero value in it, so please don’t use it to buy paid ebooks.

If you already have a kindle, and you just want a valid Amazon account, we can help you set one up via Kindle Value Added Services so that you can start downloading free ebooks, music, apps and instant videos.

How to obtain an Amazon Gift Card

When you want to buy paid ebooks, music, apps and instant videos, you can buy Amazon Gift Card from us .

Things to take note:

  1. Make sure that your Amazon Account always have enough balance available when you buy e-books from Amazon.com.  Kindle Indonesia cannot be held responsible if your account is being put on hold due to negative balance.
  2. No VPN is needed during whatever stages of the gift card/book purchasing.


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