Kindle™ vs Kindle™ Keyboard

Many would ask what is the difference between the Kindle™ Keyboard vs. Kindle™ without Keyboard.

Kindle without keyboard is lighter, smaller and cheaper. And if you look closely, you would find that there is no keyboard on the device itself.  The keyboard is an onscreen keyboard– but it is not a touch screen one. So you have to use the controller to select the keys you want to type in. Kind of hard to navigate, but then you get a nice discount because of it.

Kindle with keyboard has a keyboard on the device, so, you can just type in the keys easily using your fingers. The downside is it is more expensive, and heavier, but your hands would be better preserved to do other more worthy things than selecting keys on a virtual keyboard.

Also, a few points to note:

  1. the Kindle without Keyboard can hold 2 GB amount of books, and Kindle with Keyboard can hold 3.5 GB amount of books. The difference in storage contributes to the price difference, as well.
  2. Kindle without Keyboard has no audio, where as Kindle with Keyboard has audio.


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