Kindle™ vs. iPad

(1)The Price Difference
 A Kindle 3  cost more or less than RM550 while an original iPad cost more than RM1400. Personally i think that if my Kindle 3 gets a little sand or dirt on it, it’s no big deal. This is one tough little device and  iPad is way too expensive to abuse this way.(2)The Battery Difference

Kindle lasts for up to 1 month on a single charge and can be charged via USB. The iPad has 10 hours of battery life and can also be charged via USB. Kindle offers better battery life for the serious e-reader user.(3)Size Does Matter.

A Kindle 3 weighs about 0.25kg,  while iPad weighs about   0.73kg. If you take Kindle 3 out of the case, you almost don’t know you’re holding it. The Kindle 3 has a workable keyboard with keys that are easy to one-hand and super-easy to two-hand. You can type as quickly on a Kindle 3 as you can on a BlackBerry. This is great for searching and annotating.

(4)The Display Difference.
The Kindle 3 uses e-ink, a special black and white display that requires an external light source (just like a book). This is perfect on a beach, great in a plane, train, taxi, etc. It’s excellent at your desk or anywhere you have a good light source.
Some say that reading e-ink is easier on your eyes than reading a computer display (like the iPad). People find that  they can read using Kindle 3 for hours on end with no more eye fatigue than they would get from reading a paper book.

If you are looking for a dedicated e-reader, the Kindle 3 is definitely the way to go.


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