Get paid content from Amazon Store To Your Kindle Fire i.e.  e-Books, Magazines, Music, Apps, as well as Movies/Videos etc.

For this, you would need an Amazon account with valid US debit card. To get one, you can get sign up a Kindle Value Service here, that will give you an access to a US debit card, then you will be required to buy an Amazon gift card here, so that you can start purchasing content.  For more information, you can read the blog post here. After that, you can start buying books etc.

To enjoy the streaming service of Amazon Prime, you will need a VPN.


Get FREE Content from Amazon Store To Your Kindle Fire i.e.  e-Books, Magazines, Music, Apps, as well as Movies/Videos etc.

For your convenience (& to get first class facility from US in Indonesia), to download a wide variety of FREE e-Books, Magazines, Music, etc from Amazon Store into your Kindle in Indonesia, Kindle Indonesia offers COMPLEMENTARY service to register New Amazon Account on your behalf for every purchase made via If you wish to redeem the COMPLEMENTARY Service, please send us your email address that has NOT been used to register with

Otherwise, you may follow the simple steps below to register your own Amazon Account with a US billing address & US credit card.

  1. Register a new Amazon account using your email address.
  2. Only register with (1) US Cardholder Name, (2) US Credit card Number, (3) Exact Expiry Date, (4) US Billing Address and US Telephone Number. Go to to generate a copy of details above.
  3. If Amazon does NOT accept the first billing address, simply regenerate another one and enter all new details.
  4. Do NOT register more than one address or more than one credit card to this Amazon account.
  5. For your convenience, turn on 1-Click and set your payment method & preferred billing address in 1-Click Settings
  6. You are ready download free apps, free e-books, free magazines, free music because Amazon won’t check on your credit card until you really buy something that require cold, hard cash.

To figure out how to register your Kindle Fire HD, please refer to here

If the instructions above are too much for you, please email us at for Kindle Value Added Services.


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